AST Enzymes - Lipase-HP Plus


Digestive Enzymes Support:

  • Fat Digestion*
  • Cardiovascular Health*
  • Absorption of Fish & Omega Oils*
  • Gallbladder Function*
  • Nutrient Absorption*

Lipase HP Plus is a highly effective blend of essential enzymes promoting nutrition absorption. Lipase HP Plus’s high concentration of Lipase is used to in combination with amylase and proteases to suppor the breakdown of protein, sugars, and most importantly, fats in our diets. Taking Lipase HP Plus before a meal supports fat digestion and nutrient absorption.*

Lipase HP Plus also contains ox bile to support lipase digestion.

  • Lipase HP Plus is expertly designed to maximize the benefits of food we eat on a daily basis. Our daily diets consist of starches/carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.
  • Lipase HP Plus is formulated to support the breakdown of what we consume into usable sources of energy and nutrition.*
  • Lipase Plus contains high activity lipase to support the breakdown of fats, and also bile as a support via the emulsification process.*

90 capsules